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We are local printing and advertisement production company with highly motivated folks - simply because we believe that you cannot do your job well unless you love it. And we are admiring what we do! Our motto: "Build success today for prosperity tomorrow!"
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Virtuos Print, s.r.o.
Náměstí Barikád 1134/3
130 00 Praha 3 - Žižkov
Česka republika
Tel.: +420 778 089 554
Company ID: 01715445
VAT number*: CZ01715445
*We are NOT registered for VAT!
Mo-Fri 09:00-16:00

Make sure to contact us before visiting our office to make an appointment!


Currently we do NOT accept bank cards nor online payments.
Preferable method of payment - wire transfer, but you can pay in cash if you want.


Personal pickup - free
PPL - from 150 CZK
Messenger (Prague only) - from 250 CZK
Delivery price depends on the weight and size as well as on destination address and will be specified in the email we'll send you.

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Our inspiration

Our team


CEO, founder and owner of Virtuos Print intergalactic empire ("Think big or go home!" as they say). Adept of Seth Godin's Purple Cow marketing principle.

Cleaning lady
Cleaning lady

Some say that on Friday, 13th she's been seen on the broom while flying over Náměstí Barikád - that's a lie - that day her broom was in service!

Mignon #1 - Karl

Admires the Boss, loves banana, very geeky and friendly. Helps the cleaning lady to construct cloaking device for her broom.

Mignon #2 - Dave

Dave likes animals a lot. He is taking care of that purple cow of the Boss and constantly generates plethora of ideas most of which are nuts.